About SecureWorld

They’re everywhere.

Cyber threats. Minsk. Karachi. Marseille. Beijing. Not to mention Mayberry RFD.

In all guises. Crime syndicates. Clandestine agencies. Pimply adolescent psycho-prodigies.

The only thing anyone knows for sure is: you’re here. And that’s where airtight, buck-stops-now security has to happen.

That’s what we’re uniquely about. Distilling the global complexities of cybersecurity down to your city, your network, your shot at a decent night’s sleep.

It’s not like we’re short sighted.

We see – and connect you – globally. That’s a constantly refreshed newsfeed of critical worldwide hacks, events, and relevant countermeasures.

And we’ll link you to the larger forum, articles, webcasts and gatherings shaping the conversation.

But theory is global, reality is local.

What does it take, on premise, to outflank the bad guys?

Is there an area supplier that can capably take it out of your hands?

What about your internet provider? Any unique vulnerabilities there?

How do you consult, collaborate and kvetch with like-minded area companies?

Our resources are as multi-dimensional as the threat. Including an indispensable web hub, daily postings, proprietary research and regionally curated events.

Let’s talk.

In this world, too close for comfort is a contradiction in terms.

SecureWorld. See globally. Defend locally.