SecureWorld 2011 Instructor Submissions

2011 Schedule

  • Boston March 23-24
  • Houston April 13-14
  • Atlanta May 3-4
  • Philadelphia May 11-12
  • St. Louis September 13-14
  • Bay Area September 21-22
  • Detroit October 5-6
  • Dallas November 2-3
  • Seattle November 16-17

2011 Deadlines

  • Boston January 23rd
  • Houston February 13th
  • Atlanta March 3rd
  • Philadelphia March 11th
  • St. Louis August 13th
  • Bay Area July 21st
  • Detroit August 5th
  • Dallas September 2nd
  • Seattle September 16th

Submission Requirements:

Speaker opportunities are available for non-vendor end users, consultants and analysts. Limited speaking opportunities are available to exhibiting vendors. Contact for exhibiting opportunities.

Submission Guidelines

Submit your proposal to Events at: . All submissions should include a title, a brief abstract of the proposed topic and the speaker's bio.

Please define the target audience (i.e. CISOs, Security Directors, IT Auditors), and the level of intended audience knowledge: Introductory/Advanced Technical/Non-Technical.

Please identify the specific city/ies where you are interested in presenting and any date preferences or scheduling restrictions.

Selection Criteria

Submissions will be selected based upon the relevance and timeliness of the topic, the depth and organization of the abstract and the qualifications of the speaker.

Conference Structure

Conference sessions are divided into three times slots on each of the 2 conference days. Sessions are scheduled to maximize the breadth of options available to attendees and to avoid overlapping topics.

Speaker Benefits

Speakers receive a Speaker Conference Pass which provides access to all standard sessions, keynotes, and panels. Additionally, speakers will receive extensive exposure in the SecureWorld Conference Program and on the SecureWorld website. Speaking at SecureWorld creates an excellent opportunity to meet and network with fellow presenters, colleagues and peers. Speakers are not provided a speaking fee nor travel costs.


If you have additional questions about the submission process, please contact Director of Content Events at