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Fri | May 31, 2019 | 9:28 AM PDT

And as you can imagine, there was an incredible amount of personal networking, learning, and discussion.

Top 10 cybersecurity quotes

Here are 10 cybersecurity quotes from keynotes and sessions in Atlanta.

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Tim Callahan keynote theater

1. Tim Callahan, SVP & Global CISO, Aflac (his keynote is pictured above):

“Security program design must start with a risk assessment: enterprise risk, business risk, regulatory risk, technology risk, industry risk. And you must keep looking at what’s happening in the world right now that could heighten these.”

2. David Allen, CISO, Georgia Technology Authority, State of Georgia:

“In the military we talk about critical terrain. It’s the same thing in your networks. What critical terrain are you defending?”

3. Sherron Burgess, SVP & CISO, BCD Travel:

“I think the buzz is 'you need to hire women.' And I’m not sure if that’s what it’s all about. I talked with my staff today and said, ‘If they’re purple and have pink hair and are great at problem solving, hire them!”

4. Deborah Wheeler, CISO, Delta Airlines

“In the aviation industry, safety is job 1. So we’re not using the word cybersecurity, we’re using the word safety. And that resonates with our 80,000+ employees at Delta.”

5. Phyllis Woodruff, VP, Enterprise Security, at Fiserv:

“We get fragmented. Some days are in half hour segments, and every half hour is a different cybersecurity challenge.” 

6. Graeme Payne, who was fired from Equifax after its megabreach, on what the incident response was like:  

“We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a ballroom and went home for a few hours to sleep. It was about 200 people working day and night to get the job done.”

7. The Bald Futurist, Steve Brown, former Chief Evangelist and Futurist at Intel, on the next technological revolution: 

“Every company on the planet becomes a data company or they are done. It’s data or die.”

8. Cybersecurity attorney Barry Herrin, Herrin Heath Law, P.C.:

There are six big decisions employers must make about the insider threat." Number 3 on his list: “IT access should be treated as a privilege, not a right. And employee access should be re-evaluated to look for changes.”

9. Bruce Sussman, Emmy-winning journalist, SecureWorld, on changing the way IT security communicates:

“As a cybersecurity professional, you can reveal the value of your work to the business by continuously using action words that help you take credit for your work. For example, our team has discovered this, or uncovered that.”

10. Cyber attorney Rebecca Rakoski, Managing Partner, XPAN Law Group:

“Vendor risk management is something organizations really struggle with. From small business to large multinationals. Always try and negotiate the terms. At least try.”

Thank you to the Atlanta Advisory Council leaders and cybersecurity solution partners who make this annual cybersecurity gathering possible.

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