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By Bruce Sussman
Wed | Nov 7, 2018 | 5:50 AM PST

Black and Veatch builds critical infrastructure projects around the globe. We're talking power, water, and telecom.

There are plenty of bad actors who would like to get their hands on plans for these projects, for a variety of reasons.

It is James Waters' job to protect them.

Waters is the company's Global CISO, and we talked to him after the session he lead at SecureWorld Kansas City where he spoke on how to effectively secure a global organization.

"Our role is to protect the company and their professionals from all threats of a digital nature. Our group needs to be able to monitor it, secure it, remediate incidents, stop the bad guys, and also implement policies and procedures for the entire global company as a whole, on how we do work from a security standpoint."

4 tips for global CISOs to maintain global cybersecurity

What are top tips for a global InfoSec shop? How can you create seamless cybersecurity across international borders and jurisdictions?

Listen to our SecureWorld interview with Global CISO James Waters:

Waters offers these four cybersecurity tips for a global security team:

  1. Settle on a single global cybersecurity standard for all policies and procedures, regardless of where employees and offices are.
  2. Generally, "Pick, from a global perspective, the most onerous and strict regulations you have to comply with." This saves on security complications when employees travel and on paperwork.
  3. Understand that you could potentially operate in a country where the government itself regularly tries to intrude into your network.
  4. In these types of countries, introduce additional boundary protection around communications with this group, and narrow your security focus to make sure the crown jewels are secured and only stored where that information is supposed to be. "Make sure this information does not leak out onto PCs, share files, or things like that."

Thanks to Waters for sharing his passion to secure the business as an Advisory Council member for SecureWorld Kansas City. 


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