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By Bruce Sussman
Mon | Feb 3, 2020 | 2:43 PM PST

Although we didn't hear the words "cybersecurity" in any of the commercials during the 2020 Super Bowl, we did hear about a password manager, artificial intelligence, and 5G, among other big tech topics.

Super Bowl ad 2020: Dashlane password manager

Cybersecurity leaders have been preaching for years now about creating each account you have with a strong and unique password.

That way if your Netflix account gets hacked, for example, the hackers can't use that login information to access your bank account or your frequent flier miles.

But during Super Bowl LIV, a password manager company hit on the frustration this creates for users who can't remember all those passwords—unless, of course, they have the company's password manager.

Watch: Password Paradise from Dashlane commercial

Super Bowl ad 2020: T-Mobile 5G

Now we go from passwords to 5G. And really, it is 5G times two.

The first one is funny, the second is inspirational.

Watch: Mama Tests T-Mobile 5G commercial

Super Bowl ad 2020: Verizon 5G

Watch: The Amazing Things 5G Won't Do Verizon commercial

Super Bowl ad 2020: Microsoft 

Microsoft took the inspirational angle and didn't say anything about its Microsoft Surface tablet, although the coach in the commercial used it throughout. Instead, the ad focused on the first female to coach in the Super Bowl, Offensive Assistant Katie Sowers of the San Francisco 49ers.

Watch: Be The One Microsoft commercial

Amazon Alexa Super Bowl ad 2020

Amazon had a hilarious ad about how the world worked before Alexa—in some cases, long before Alexa. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi begin and end this time travel style ad.

Watch: #BeforeAlexa Amazon commercial

Google Super Bowl ad 2020

Google never mentioned the words AI or artificial intelligence or machine learning, but focused on the life-changing power of this in its technology. It walks through a man's moments with his sweet Loretta, who has passed on.

Watch: Loretta Google commercial