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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Jun 13, 2019 | 5:15 AM PDT

5G connectivity will allow your business to collect more data than ever, move it more quickly than ever, and see more subtleties in the data than ever before.

Enterprise security risk from 5G

However, this revolution, which is just ahead, may also threaten some of the very security controls relied upon in enterprise cybersecurity.

"One of the first areas of concern in the implementation of 5G is the amount of data collected and how it is interpreted. This in turn creates security concerns, especially in terms of detection," say researchers at Trend Micro, which published a new report on the topic.

"The dawn of 5G might involve reviewing rules applied in filtering out malicious network traffic, as the current rules used might not recognize the subtleties of the highly customized traffic possible with 5G."

Unexpected security risk from 5G connectivity

Think of 5G connectivity as the new fabric that businesses will innovate upon.

The potential is incredible, and so are the unintended consequences for security.

Trend Micro's team says 5G will likely force changes in the talent you need on your IT security team:

"Aside from the data and security architecture, the shift from hardware-defined to software-defined networks influences the skill set needed to properly operate and secure network processes. An enterprise would need more professionals capable of identifying key concerns for a software-defined network, which involve the same skills necessary for advanced incident response."

New report on preparing for 5G and enterprise security

These examples around data and skillsets only scratch the surface of 5G implications for cybersecurity within the organization.trend-5g-security

Others include decreased detection rates, issues with IoT attribution, challenges around enterprise data architecture as security architecture, and much more.

The new Trend Micro report, The Deep Blue Sea of 5G, also presents best practices to help prepare your organization for this technological transformation.

Preparing for 5G is crucial so that enterprise security risks do not negate the great potential of 5G connectivity.