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By Bruce Sussman
Mon | Aug 20, 2018 | 4:17 AM PDT

The future will be built with Artificial Intelligence and built on Blockchain.

So what should we be considering today about these rapid changes ahead?

Former Intel Chief Evangelist and Futurist Steve Brown will do a crucial level set on this topic as the opening keynote for the 2018 SecureWorld St. Louis cybersecurity conference on September 18-19.

We asked him about his session, "Going Digital: Building Your Strategic Roadmap for the Next Wave of Digital Transformation."

“Organizations have been through web, mobile, cloud, all those things, and we’re now about to hit a new wave of technologies that come together and fundamentally change the relationship between customers, business processes, the way people work,” says Brown, who goes by @BaldFuturist.

“We’re going to have teams that are made up of humans and non-humans together. Just re-thinking how you get eyes on your business, make smarter decisions and how you keep all of that secure as you increasingly digitize the business is going to be a challenge for everybody. What I do in my keynote is help you think through what are the strategic questions I need to ask and answer in this dramatically changing business landscape?”

Join your peers for the eighth annual SecureWorld St. Louis, being held at America’s Center Convention Center on September 18-19. Register here.

The agenda is being built by the local information security community and Advisory Council.

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