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By Bruce Sussman
Tue | Mar 10, 2020 | 11:07 AM PDT

The security leaders at SecureWorld Charlotte were the first to experience the 2020 conference theme: "Security in the Wild." It's bold, it's bright, and we were told it is also beautiful (click to expand the graphic).


To those of you who were part of the record-breaking crowd at last week's conference, your feedback is extremely gratifying. We've passed it on to our design team—so that's why they are all smiles this week.

We thought it would make sense to briefly explain the theme you will see at your regional conference, regardless of whether you will be at SecureWorld Philadelphia (March 17-19) or SecureWorld Boston (March 25-26) or attending a conference later this year.

Security in the Wild: SecureWorld conference theme

Do you notice the code in the animals above? This year's theme plays off threats "in the wild" and also shines a light on something called biomimicry. 

"Biomimicry, or biomimetics, is the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems," says SecureWorld Manager Drew Hall.

"There is only an estimated 12% overlap between biology and technology in terms of the mechanisms used today. Applying the threat responses in animals to the realm of cybersecurity holds great potential for learning and advancement."

An example of security in the wild

Here is one quick example of what Hall is talking about, which you'll find on the coaster sets that SecureWorld attendees collect at their local cybersecurity conference each year.

Check out the escalating defenses of a particular lizard, for example.

"When in danger, the desert horned lizard will first change color to camouflage itself. Then it will inflate and show off its spikes to make a predator think it's too large and difficult to swallow. If this doesn't work, the horned lizard will squirt foul-smelling blood from its eyes."

It sounds similar to defense in depth, doesn't it?

At your conference this year, you'll see banners and likely hear mentions of the ways securing the organization is a lot like Security in the Wild.

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