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By Bruce Sussman
Sat | Jul 28, 2018 | 6:30 AM PDT

We want to warn you that this story is unsettling.

It is the exact opposite of the great possibilities presented by Blockchain. The opposite of what Futurist Steve Brown is talking about this year.

Instead, you will see this is the dark side of Blockchain.

Unless you believe there can be no dark side and that absolute freedom to do or so anything is the way the world should work.

At the center of the controversy is Augur, an app built to prevent censorship and allow people to create prediction markets. The site's FAQs say this: "Augur is a protocol, freely available for anyone to use however they please."

Users are doing exactly that.

Some are predicting whether real people will live or die and for how long. And they're betting cryptocurrency on it.

It has been dubbed the assassination marketplace.

We'll let Futurism take the story from here:

"Right now, there’s an online bidding war over whether or not Donald Trump will die before the year is out. All a would-be assassin has to do is stake a whole bunch of money on “yes” and they’d make a fortune.

These not-quite death threats reportedly lodged against the president and other public figures, including Jeff Bezos, John McCain, and Betty White, can be found on Augur, a decentralized app recently launched by the nonprofit Forecast Foundation."

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