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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Mar 14, 2019 | 6:30 AM PDT

Microsoft is using Blockchain in the enterprise and shared a Blockchain use case example during a panel discussion at the 17th annual SecureWorld Seattle, which is the region's largest cybersecurity conference.

Rohit Amberker is the Finance Director at Microsoft. He describes himself as an end-user of Blockchain.

Watch his comments on how Microsoft is implementing Blockchain and the problems Blockchain can solve in finance before it increasingly spreads to other parts of the enterprise.

Is Blockchain enterprise ready?

One of the big questions on the panel was about Blockchain being enterprise ready. Is the enterprise ready for Blockchain to change the world?

Panelists agreed that Blockchain will not be implemented across the organization tomorrow, or in the very near term, because it is a disruptive and time-consuming change.

However, Blockchain is in some cases enterprise ready, where business leaders can prove the business value of altering current processes and roles.

Here are a few ways Rohit Amberker says Microsoft is finding the value of Blockchain in the organization (see video clip for more details):

  • Blockchain in finance can reduce litigation
  • Blockchain can solve a systemic trust problem in payments
  • Blockchain in finance can eliminate the need for reconciliation from an entire industry
  • Blockchain can take insights that used to take months to deliver and deliver them almost instantly

Blockchain panel moderator Bhuvaneswari Ramkumar, Engineering Team Lead and Product Owner at GE Digital, did a fantastic job walking the panel through a series of Blockchain reality versus Blockchain hype questions, such as:

"What do panelists see as the future roadmap of Blockchain offerings? Are they focusing more on partnerships and integrations to carry the buzz forward? Are they counting on integrating with their own native cloud-platform services to make it more sticky? What about the security considerations? And then the elephant in the room, what about enterprise-ready Blockchains? Is that a real thing? What is the security story of Blockchains? Do real world customers truly care?"

Thanks to the entire panel for sharing their expertise.

They are on the leading edge of what is next, along with AI and the rise of the robots, which we are excited to see as a keynote at SecureWorld Boston on March 27-28, 2019.

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