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By Bruce Sussman
Mon | Jun 10, 2019 | 8:43 AM PDT

The third annual SecureWorld cybersecurity conference in Chicago is June 13th, and our team just finished reading through the full agenda.

After doing so, it's clear that you can discuss or learn about dozens of scenarios or best practices during the one-day conference.

An article on all of them would be too long, so here are seven crucial cybersecurity questions speakers will answer during the day.

1. How do you build out and effectively run your own third-party vendor risk management program—or begin conversations with the appropriate legal, procurement, and vendor management teams to begin implementing a third-party risk program?

→ Arvin Verma, Cybersecurity Strategist and InfraGard National Sector IT Subject Matter Expert, will tackle those questions.

2. What should we learn from specific breaches in the past? We can dissect how security fundamentals would have either mitigated the impact of the breach or prevented it in the first place. "Let’s fine tune the basics and then have AI tell us that we’re awesome."

→ Morningstar CISO Ricardo Lafosse will tackle this question in his lunch keynote.

3. What is the key to building a Purple Team test that maximizes results and what are the pitfalls to avoid? 

→ The answers are coming from Austin Rappeport, Blue Team Coordinator,  and Chris Carlis, Red Team Coordinator, Zurich Insurance Group.

4. What are the six big decisions organizations must make in response to insider threats?

→ Cybersecurity Attorney Barry Herrin goes down the list in his session.

5. How do corporations and their growing cyber resources figure into the battle against nation-state hackers?

→ Col. Cedric Leighton, CNN Military Analyst, USAF (Ret.), will answer this question and others during his opening keynote.

6. What does a live email hack against a secure email server tells us about the current threat landscape for email-borne attacks and the attack methodologies hackers are using? 

 → Mike Shine, Director of Systems Engineering at Mimecast, will answer these questions as he shows you the live hack. 

7. What is appearing in the emerging threat landscape, where are we in the evolution of cloud security, and what's new in the ongoing battle over endpoint security?  

→ Get your own questions answered during panel discussions on each of these topics.

Complete Agenda for SecureWorld Chicago

You can see the SecureWorld Chicago agenda for yourself and register for the June 13th conference here

And although SecureWorld has been facilitating InfoSec collaboration for 18 years, the Chicago community and gathering are new.

So here is a look at what SecureWorld is all about.


We believe SecureWorld's mission is critical: Connecting, informing, and developing leaders in cybersecurity.