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By SecureWorld News Team
Wed | Oct 11, 2017 | 4:03 AM PDT

The human race is connecting to the web like never before and at faster speeds. 


Cigna CISO James Beeson says this is one of the Macro Trends that is changing everything. "There are 3.9 billion people connected to the Internet now, with over 5 billion expected by 2020," he says.

Beeson is in charge of global information security for the insurer and he's the opening keynote on October 18 at SecureWorld Dallas, speaking on "The Internet of Threats - A Look at Macro Trends in Technology and the Ever Expanding Cyber Threat Landscape."

How does the growth of connectivity create an ever-expanding cybersecurity challenge?

"Potentially, there could be billion bad guys! Start to look at things like wealth disparity and you can begin to formulate how this impacts the cyber threat landscape." 

So how do information security leaders combat these trends? 

"We must collaborate more globally across public, private, and academic institutions," he says. "We must create a self-service model to be successful." 

Expect more specifics during his October 18th keynote in Dallas.

You can see the complete two-day agenda for SecureWorld Dallas, view attendee levels, and then register here for the cybersecurity conference.

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