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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Aug 9, 2018 | 4:17 AM PDT

Equifax is making a full court press this summer, doing interviews all over the place on how the company has upped its cybersecurity game.

The Equifax breach timeline is in the past, and after getting burned on social media, the company is finding a much friendlier audience now.

Of all the coverage our SecureWorld team has scanned, there is something that really stands out. New Chief Information Security Officer Jamil Farshchi told WIRED there are benefits to being the CISO after a breach:

"The barriers you face at any company not post-breach is you're always fighting for budget, you're always fighting for face time, trying to justify and convince people about the importance of security and risk management. When you're in a post-breach environment, everyone already knows that it's critically important."

Equifax breach and related costs, which the company updated in July 2018, stand at $314 million so far, with an estimated $85 million of breach-related expenses in Q3 2018.

Due to litigation, it could be years before the total cost of the breach is known.