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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Mar 7, 2019 | 8:40 AM PST

Stepping onto the show floor at the annual RSA conference in San Francisco is almost like walking through a casino.

There are bright lights:


There are huge screens where people are gaming:

And cameras are watching you everywhere: IMG_8644

In the case of AT&T Cybersecurity, the cameras turn you into a 3D image with some cool moves.

Yes, the marketing creativity goes as far as the eye can see at RSAC.

[Not pictured: the donut wall, the fresh cookie bake, and the cats. Yes, we heard from some attendees that someone had live cats at their booth.]

Also notable at RSAC 2019 from a marketing standpoint? Some cybersecurity vendors, like Cyxtera, went with provocative statements:

Others, like Fortinet, seemed more aligned with peace, love, and their artist:


And if it's too hot for you standing by the T-shirt presses and you decide to head up to street level for some fresh air...


...don't worry, you can still think about cybersecurity companies who are marketing to the masses. LED billboards on trucks:

IMG_8575With street-side selfies you probably should pass up:


And if you're lost, here are directions to a party:

sidewalk-vs-2And that is not all.

As we walked between sessions discussing CISA's 4 cyber priorities and  the FBI director's chat on not weakening encryption, we actually learned something else on the streets of San Francisco.

It turns out that Maryland has a high density of cyber engineers!

IMG_8590At least, that's what we read on the streets outside RSAC 2019.