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By Bruce Sussman
Fri | Jul 27, 2018 | 4:21 AM PDT

I'm sure you heard the news—or received an alert—that Facebook's stock plummeted on July 26th. As investors sold, CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost billions of his net worth and Facebook shares dropped more than $40 a share, or 19%. That erased more than $100 billion of the company's value.

The NASDAQ as a whole also lost 1% of its overall value according to CNBC.

While Facebook went down (in valuation), we found three cybersecurity company stocks that have been shooting up. Fast.

3 cybersecurity stocks that are hot in 2018

  1. Tenable: The same day Facebook tumbled, cyber risk management company Tenable proved it was a hot cybersecurity IPO. On its July 26th launch, shares climbed more than $7 each, ending up 32% on the day.
  2. Qualys: The security and compliance company has really skyrocketed. One year ago the stock was trading below $40, and now it has more than doubled, closing at just above $96 a share as of July 26th.
  3. Rapid7: This SIEM company is another investment that would have doubled your money over the last year. It's going from about $14 a share to close above $31 on July 26th.

Cybersecurity stocks to invest in 2018

Which cybersecurity stocks will be hot for the rest of 2018?

We have no idea.

However, CNBC's Mad Money expert Jim Cramer says he has some ideas. Here are the cybersecurity stocks he calls out as his favorites as of summer 2018.