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By SecureWorld News Team
Thu | Jun 6, 2019 | 10:45 AM PDT

The Wild West of the Internet of Things might finally find some security.

A public-private IoT initiative announced its first round of funded proposals to improve Internet of Things security and privacy.

All the projects fall under one of what IoT@CyLab calls its three main themes:

  1. Trust
    Examples of these projects include David Brumley's Securing Embedded Software.
  2. Accountability
    Examples of these projects include Vipul Goyal's Privacy Preserving Data Analytics Using Secure Multi-Party Computation.
  3. Autonomous Healing
    Examples of these projects include Jason Hong's IoTHub for Managing and Securing Devices in the Home.

What is CyLab’s secure and private IoT initiative?

The name? CyLab, or the Carnegie Mellon University Security and Privacy Institute.

The game? Building secure and privacy-respecting IoT systems.

The initiative is what Vyas Sekar, a co-director, calls it "a one-of-a-kind industry-academia collaboration to create secure and privacy-protecting foundations for emerging Internet of Things climates."

The initiative says that while the IoT offers a new world of collaboration and innovation, it also opens a virtual Pandora's Box of digital attacks.

"We need to do something to inform best practices before it's too late," says Sekar.

Well, CyLab, best wishes in the IoT wrangling.

You can find the CyLab's first round of projects in a complete list here.