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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Jan 16, 2020 | 6:30 AM PST

It seems like we're awash in cybersecurity research and surveys.

But sometimes the research offers valuable insights.

That's the case with two new Harris Poll surveys, which reveal several concerning trends about your employees and cybersecurity.

The studies cover lots of ground, so let's just hit the highlights.

Cybersecurity surveys reveal trends around passwords

The first list of bullet points below are drawn from a Harris Poll survey around password usage. Both of the surveys raise reasons for concern about the security of your organization's network.

  • The average American adult has 27 accounts which require user names and passwords.
  • 66% revealed they use the same password "for online banking, email, and social media networks."
  • "22 percent use their own name as a password for at least one account."
  • "Less than half (45 percent) of Americans change their password, even after a data compromise or breach."

This research was done in conjunction with Google, which announced it now offers both Android and iPhone users Advanced Threat Protection through Public-Key Cryptography. Read Google's announcement.

Cybersecurity survey reveals more online shopping at work

The next list of bullet points relates to research on employees shopping while at work, often using their corporate devices and network to do it.

  • "69% of the 2,000 consumers surveyed admit to shopping at work."
  • "The percentage jumps to 81% when you look only at millennials."

That second number is especially concerning, since Proofpoint research in 2019 revealed that although millennials may be technology natives, they are often less secure than older colleagues who tend to be more cautious about technology.

'State of The Phish' web conference, registration underway

We're about to learn even more about working adults, their attitudes, and their knowledge of cybersecurity and cyberthreats.

The annual industry benchmark, the State of the Phish report, is about to be revealed. Download the report and gain insights from those who put it together during the complimentary SecureWorld web conference: State of the Phish R2020

The web conference will be live on January 30, 2020, at 10 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. ET. If you miss the live web conference, you can watch it on demand.

One of the highlights this year will be Proofpoint's easy to understand explanation of how this report can help guide your security awareness strategy and program.

In other words, it is information that will help you secure your organization. And we can all use a little more of that.