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By Kerry Nelson
Fri | Nov 8, 2019 | 8:50 AM PST

There are a lot of public signs that the U.S. government and private industry are increasingly working together on cybersecurity related issues.

After years of talk about this happening, there is now significant momentum in the space. However, some of this collaboration is happening quietly.

CyberScoop recently learned of a "Quiet Ransomware Summit" by the FBI:

To help stem the tide of file-locking attacks, the FBI quietly convened the country's top ransomware experts in an unprecedented, closed-door conference in September. The briefings, which occurred over two days, were a recognition by law enforcement officials that their ability to better investigate and prosecute ransomware cases hinges on the private sector sharing more data with them.

The goal of the FBI's 2019 "Ransomware Summit" was for corporate executives to "help us fill in some of the gaps in the intel" on ransomware threats, said Herb Stapleton, section chief in the FBI's cyber division. Those gaps, he said, stem from the fact that "there are probably thousands of attacks every year that aren't reported to the FBI."

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