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By SecureWorld News Team
Fri | Dec 21, 2018 | 10:52 AM PST

International law enforcement, led by the FBI and DOJ cybercrime divisions, preemptively shut down DDoS booters known for targeting gaming providers.

ZDNet reports:

The domain seizures come days before the Christmas holiday, a period of the year when hacker groups have historically targeted gaming providers with DDoS attacks.

The tradition started in 2013, with DerpTrolling's attacks, and then continued the following years. Lizard Squad launched DDoS attacks on Christmas in 2014, a group called Phantom Squad did the same in 2015, R.I.U. Star Patrol in 2016, and several lone hackers last year, in 2017, but with less success than the previous years.

These attacks usually targeted services like the PlayStation Network, Xbox, Steam, Blizzard, or EA Online. The purpose of these attacks, as expressed by the hacker groups, was to ruin people's Christmas or make gamers spend time with their families.