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By SecureWorld News Team
Wed | Aug 9, 2017 | 5:35 AM PDT

Almost 90% of cyber breaches can be prevented with the right tools—yet, in 2016 alone, almost 4.2 billion credentials were stolen.

But why does this matter to you? You’re likely no novice when it comes to security. So go ahead, answer this question: What is it that most individuals and businesses are not utilizing that are causing these widespread data breaches?

Would you believe that in most cases, they are lacking the security and efficiency of a password manager?

A recent report published by Gartner shows the benefits that a password manager can provide—from password policy, to privileged access management, the report is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their online efficiency and security within both their business and personal life.


Here are some of the topics Gartner’s report covers:

  • Password policy guidelines
    How is your company enforcing data security? Uncover what you should be including in your password policy at work, and why it is so important to implement it clearly throughout your company.
  • Password management tools
    A self-service password reset can protect your business from weak, outdated, and hackable passwords. Secure authentication methods and password synchronizations are great assets that streamline your password updating experience and ensure you are the only one to ever access your data.
  • Privileged access management
    There are many ways in which privileged access management can allow your business to properly manage employee access safely and quickly. Your IT team should not be spending hours controlling your employee’s passwords and account access- a password manager can alleviate this issue in minutes!
  • Personal password managers
    Are you looking to up your security game not only within your business but also your personal life? Cover all the benefits a password manager can provide in your day to day life, including alleviating tedious memorization of passwords and securing all your personal data.

Want to learn more about the many types of password managers? Check out the article here. If you are currently evaluating password management solutions, we suggest you check out this comprehensive guide to help you identify which solution addresses your company’s needs—getting you one step closer to locking down your company data!

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