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By SecureWorld News Team
Thu | Jul 12, 2018 | 9:12 AM PDT

This is certainly one way to fight rising gas prices: Hack the pump and take the gas for free.

That just happened in Detroit. The hackers either gave away or stole $1,800 worth of gas, and the station could not stop the process!

"I tried to stop it but it didn't work," Aziz Awadh told FOX2 News in Detroit. "I tried to stop it here from the screen but the screen's not working. I tried to stop it from the system; nothing working (sic)."

Security researchers from Trend Micro documented gas pump hacking, however, in this case, we don't know if it was a remote hack or some sort of localized device that allowed control of the pump.

But police do say that 10 cars got free gas, and they are investigating whether all 10 cars may have been in on the gas pump hack.