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By SecureWorld News Team
Wed | Feb 15, 2017 | 9:09 AM PST

The first day of the industry’s most dynamic tradeshow included huge crowds, packed sessions, and numerous product and research releases. The SecureWorld team attended a number of presentations and had in-depth discussions throughout the day. Several buzzwords reverberating through the halls included cloud security, IoT vulnerabilities, crowdsourcing, talent gaps, AI (artificial intelligence), and Big Data.

The Cloud Security Alliance Summit held Monday attracted some 1,500 participants. Is there any doubt that sector is running hard to keep up with the “move to the cloud” stampede?

Akamai’s Q4 2016 “State of the Internet / Security Report” is out and contains insights on the number and extent of last year’s DDoS attacks. The summary can be found here.

Mimecast released its Forrester authored report, “State of Readiness for Internal Email Threats,” which reveals that the biggest internal threat many firms face is from team members who are innocently compromised when outsiders gain access and start acting as insiders. “People work out of the inboxes and innocently put themselves in risky situations almost daily,” according to Mimecast’s Matthew Gardner.

NSFOCUS’ “Global Threat Intelligence Platform” offers a new means to identify potential DDoS situations and ways to leverage the data. Stephen Gates, NSFOCUS Chief Research Intelligence Analyst, discussed how they “crowdsource data on good IP addresses across their networks,” thereby offering users the ability to not only identify potential threats but also to discover where bad actors may already exist within their customers’ accounts without their knowledge.

ThinAir’s CEO Tony Guada is showing off his start-up’s “Data Defense & Intelligence Platform,” which offers some very slick use of Big Data crunching to give CISOs a full view of not only how and when breaches and hacks occur but also what happens once those files are compromised.

Do password protocols and protection seem daunting? Check out Keeper Security’s new “Passwords for Dummies” guide just published. CEO Darren Guccione tells us that password protection strategy does not have to be intimidating, and that his research shows Keeper’s solutions have great acceptance across age groups from 15-65.

More great meetings are in store for Day 2 as we rub shoulders throughout the Expo floor. See you in the aisles….

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