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By SecureWorld News Team
Tue | Aug 8, 2017 | 11:53 AM PDT

AnchorFree's Hotspot VPN is under fire after a privacy group outed them for unfair practices. 

The Register explains:

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), a digital rights advocacy group, on Monday urged US federal trade authorities to investigate VPN provider AnchorFree for deceptive and unfair trade practices.

AnchorFree claims its Hotspot Shield VPN app protects netizens from online tracking, but, according to a complaint filed with the FTC, the company's software gathers data and its privacy policy allows it to share the information.

Worryingly, it is claimed the service forces ads and JavaScript code into people's browsers when connected through Hotspot Shield: "The VPN has been found to be actively injecting JavaScript codes using iframes for advertising and tracking purposes."

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