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By SecureWorld News Team
Thu | Jul 20, 2017 | 8:00 AM PDT

Imagine a world without data breaches. Seems nearly impossible, doesn’t it?

Now try to imagine the next best thing: automated breach alerts for any of your affected accounts, without you trying to stay up-to-date with the latest risks.

For years, LastPass has been focused on taking on the inherent issues that come with security breaches to find the most effective, user-friendly solution. A recent partnership with PasswordPing, a company focused on identifying compromised credentials and creating a database of at-risk email addresses, allows LastPass to take security threats to the next level, by ensuring protection for all of a user’s accounts.

And with staggering statistics out there—like Verizon’s 2017 DBIR that says almost 81% of data breaches involved, weak, reused, and “hackable” passwords—many companies have moved password management to the top of their priority list. Because password managers are not just a handy tool to "manage" passwords for a user’s own convenience, but they help IT departments mitigate risk, increase compliance, and maintain efficiency.

Today, LastPass provides breach and hacking prevention in three major ways:
• Reoccurring security checks
• Intelligent Security Challenge feature
• Real-time email notifications

The implementation of this daily security check feature allows the continuous flagging of a users’ recently compromised email accounts. Let's say the login that your company uses to manage all of their social media accounts was breached. LastPass will send you an email identifying the infringed address and the source of the breach—keeping you continuously updated on the state of your online security.

But how exactly are you supposed to know when your passwords are at risk? This is where LastPass’ Security Challenge feature comes in, letting users know when a password is too simple or too old, and when it is time to update. PasswordPing also comes into play here, checking all of the logins saved in your LastPass vault and ensuring that none of them have been compromised at any point. And the best part? If any security issues are found, you’re notified immediately, keeping you and your employees on top of your online security, without another thought.

The features of LastPass are key to your online data security. If you’re ready to evaluate a password manager for your business, but still unsure what password manager is best for you, check out this comprehensive guide to help identify the steps of choosing a password solution that best addresses your company’s needs.

Or, perhaps the above features sound like a good fit for your organization. We encourage you to try out a free trial of LastPass Enterprise or request a product demo today.

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