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By Clare O’Gara
Mon | Feb 10, 2020 | 7:44 AM PST

This new collaboration will be perfect for birthday parties, breakups, and anyone with a sweet tooth.

Oh, and people interested in drones, of course.

How did a drone deliver Ben & Jerry's?

It might be the best way to receive a pint of Cherry Garcia.

Unilever just joined forces with Terra Drone Europe to develop a modern ice cream experience.

Building on its previous service, Ice Cream Now, Unilever plans to expand into flightier projects by delivering Ben & Jerry's ice cream via drone in New York City.

And that's exactly what it did during a recent investor event, when Ben & Jerry's cups were delivered to a location inside Unilever's U.S. facility.


Here's what Yuki Ueno, Director of Terra Drone Europe, has to say about the use of drones to deliver products:

"We want to solve serious problems in the logistics field, such as carbon dioxide emissions, with drones. As deregulation progresses worldwide, drone delivery services will also increase."

So if you want ice cream in the Big Apple but can't get to a store, it may soon be problem solved.

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