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By Bruce Sussman
Mon | Aug 6, 2018 | 7:32 AM PDT

We heard a lot of predictions at SecureWorld cybersecurity conferences last year that a growing number of cyber attacks would be aimed at users of mobile devices during 2018.

And those predictions are coming true.

"Exhibit A" comes from a reporter at Ars Technica who had this message pop up on his phone over the weekend:

apple-care-phishingIt was a message asking him to contact support with a pop-up box featuring the number to call.

The reporter did call and someone claiming to be from Apple Care answered.

You can read the first-hand account of what happened next in Ars Technica, but the reporter discovered the point of this iPhone phishing scam after some digging:

This particular phish, targeted at email addresses associated with Apple's iCloud service, appears to be linked to efforts to fool iPhone users into allowing attackers to enroll them into rogue mobile device management services that allow bad actors to push compromised applications to the victim's phones as part of a fraudulent Apple "security service."