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By Clare O’Gara
Mon | May 4, 2020 | 5:30 AM PDT

How is COVID-19 impacting cybersecurity for you and your organization?

A new ISACA study reveals the answer.

ISACA study on COVID-19 impacts

While COVID-19 is a global issue, everyone has an individual experience within this crisis. Cybersecurity professionals are no exception.

Here is an overview of new coronavirus impacts within security.

ISACA surveyed 3,700 security pros from 123 countries to assess the pandemic's impact on their jobs and organizations.

Top findings include the following:

  • 92% believe that threat actors are increasing attacks against individuals.
  • 87% say the rapid shift to work from home has increased the risk of data privacy and protection issues.
  • 58% say that threat actors will take advantage of the pandemic to disrupt organizations.

ISACA study: the most concerning finding

But here's the scariest statistic of all from the ISACA survey.

Only 51% of the cybersecurity professionals are highly confident in their security team's ability to detect and respond to these cyber threats during the pandemic. The rest are less confident.

While revealing the survey results, David Samuelson, CEO of ISACA, offered his perspective on the situation cybersecurity teams face during COVID-19:

"A surge in the number of remote workers means there is a greater attack surface. Remote work is critically important right now, so security has to be at the forefront along with employee education. ISACA professionals have an especially critical role to play in protecting their enterprises, customers and stakeholders during this pandemic."

We couldn't agree more, and SecureWorld is proud to partner with ISACA at our regional cybersecurity conferences across North America.

For more information on the study, check it out here.

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