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By SecureWorld News Team
Thu | Aug 10, 2017 | 2:06 AM PDT

Will this virus ever die?

Tripwire explains:

A ransomware virus is on the loose again! It has been a long time, but it seems that the notorious Locky virus is back with a new alteration. Its latest variant goes under the name .Diablo6 Virus Ransomware; it changes the extension of the files it encrypts to .Diablo6. It has just been freshly unleashed upon unsuspecting users, wreaking havoc and causing panic. Just like the other viruses in this strain before it, Diablo6 encrypts a large number of different file types on the victim’s PC, after which it proceeds to inform the users about this with a ransom note. Furthermore, the criminals behind it also have the audacity to demand a ransom payment in exchange for reversing the process and freeing the affected files.

Many of the victims of this dangerous ransomware virus might feel tempted to comply with the demands of the hackers, but we would advise to seek other alternatives. Removal guides and software, decryptor tools, and specialists in this field may be helpful in dealing with the virus and its consequences. In addition, there’s also no guarantee that the ransom amount will actually buy you back your files. It wouldn’t be the first time cybercriminals disappeared with the money and were never heard from again.