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By SecureWorld News Team
Mon | Feb 11, 2019 | 7:51 AM PST

A handful of Canadian customers who use the McDonald's mobile app say hackers have hijacked their app accounts.

Could the Hamburglar be behind these attacks?

The hackers are buying significant amounts of food with each victim's money, usually at a McDonald's in a different province than where the victim lives.

Lauren Taylor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, says someone used the McDonald’s mobile app to buy $500 of fast food in Quebec. This includes things like Big Mac Value Meals, Cokes, and yes, even an upgrade to large fries.

CityNews Toronto interviewed Taylor and others who say they are a victim of this hack: 

McDonald's, for its part, tells the CBC that there is not a security problem with the app and that customers need to follow best practices:

"Just like any other online activity, we recommend that our guests use our app diligently by not sharing their passwords with others, creating unique passwords and changing passwords frequently."

The victim, in this case, claims she had a strong password she did not share.

Whatever the cause, it appears some hungry hackers have become virtual Hamburglars through the McDonald's app.