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By SecureWorld News Team
Fri | Aug 11, 2017 | 3:10 AM PDT

The malware initially spreads through email spam.

Naked Security explains:

Network worms and Trojan malware are back with a vengeance. A good example is WannaCry, which infected hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe in May. Now comes Emotet – malware with worm and trojan characteristics that exploits weak admin passwords to spread across a victim’s network.

SophosLabs has seen a surge in Emotet cases in the past week and has blocked it from customer computers. Its payload is a form of banking Trojan designed to steal a user’s online banking details. Labs researcher Tad Heppner described it this way:

Emotet is a trojan although it also contains the functionality necessary to be classified as a worm.  The primary distinction is that a trojan requires some degree of social engineering to trick a human into enabling the spread of the infection whereas a worm can spread to other systems without the aid of a user. Emotet downloads then executes other payloads, so even though its core component is not directly a worm, it does have the potential to download and execute another component to spread itself to other systems.