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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Mar 26, 2020 | 10:41 AM PDT

Do you have what it takes to join a SWAT team in New York?

You won't carry a gun for this SWAT assignment. Instead, you'll be armed with your laptop and your working knowledge in the IT space.

New York seeks tech SWAT team volunteers

New York has dominated the rest of the United States when it comes to confirmed COVID-19 cases.

With more cases will come more absences in the IT and technology space at a time when the state is rapidly trying to scale up more IT services as a digital lifeline.

This led to a call for help from New York's Office of Information Technology Services (ITS):

New York State is launching technology driven products with leading global tech companies to accelerate and amplify our response to COVID-19. We are looking for impactful solutions and skilled tech employees to help. Individuals from leading global technology companies are being deployed across high-impact and urgent coronavirus response activities.

We have a particular need for professionals with experience in product management, software development / engineering, hardware deployment & end-user support, data science, operations management, design, or other similar areas.

Technology companies, universities, nonprofits, research labs, and other organizations with technology expertise are invited to submit an expression of interest.

New York technology SWAT team: most wanted

The New York ITS also lists some key considerations:

  • "Our highest need is for teams or cohorts of individuals from a single institution."
  • Given that many employers are having many workers work from home, volunteers would collaborate virtually with New York State teams. So, preference will be given to those in the Eastern and Central US time-zones but we are open to the west coast as well.
  • The SWAT teams will be deployed across areas like technology, operations, analytics and communications.
  • Areas of focus include:
  • Teams will assist in the state's coronavirus response for 90-day service deployments.

How can I join a COVID-19 technology SWAT team?

If you are interested, submit your area of expertise here: