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By Bruce Sussman
Sun | Dec 22, 2019 | 3:15 PM PST

It's easy to miss big announcements when they happen.

So here is the news in case you did miss it.

SecureWorld's podcast is available anywhere you want to listen to it. Click your favorite podcast platform and search "The SecureWorld Sessions."

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Topics from the new cybersecurity podcast

During some of our most recent episodes, The SecureWorld Sessions cybersecurity podcast explored questions like these:

  • What are the world's notorious hackers really like when you communicate with them on a daily basis?

  • What is a CISO Stop List and how can it help your career? Plus, do cybersecurity certifications make you more marketable?

  • How does Bruce Schneier view the state of cybersecurity, IoT and patching right now?

  • What is the enterprise business model of cybercrime and what are red flags that your company is a victim?

  • Can we, should we, trust Huawei?

  • How does Dr. Larry Ponemon view the state of security right now?

  • How are bug bounties changing the threat landscape and is that effort maxed out?

Many more topics and intriguing questions have been asked and answered in the last couple of months. 

What is unique about the cybersecurity podcast from SecureWorld?

A huge part of what is special about The SecureWorld Sessions podcast is the depth of cybersecurity leaders and professionals we are able to interview. 

They are speakers, attendees and Advisory Council members at our 17 regional cybersecurity conferences which happen each year across North America. Think about the math on that one. 

What bubbles to the top are unique ideas, fresh takes, and the voice of experience in cybersecurity that we are able to share throughout each  podcast episode.

Also, a special thank you to Trend Micro for being our podcast launch partner and giving us access to the latest in security research we can share one episode at a time.