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By Bruce Sussman
Mon | Jan 6, 2020 | 10:07 AM PST

The Department of Homeland Security issued a special bulletin over the weekend about Iran and its threats toward the U.S.

Much of it focused on Iran's cyber threat as a means of retaliation.

The bulletin follows the United States' killing of one of Iran's most powerful leaders, and is part of the National Terrorism Advisory System, which is set up to rapidly spread news of this sort.

Homeland Security Bulletin on Iran threat: the cyber threat

The bulletin, which is in effect until January 18, 2020, says the following about cyber capabilities and cyberattacks from Iran:

  • "Previous homeland-based plots have included, among other things, scouting and planning against infrastructure targets and cyber enabled attacks against a range of U.S. based targets."
  • "Iran maintains a robust cyber program and can execute cyber attacks against the United States. Iran is capable, at a minimum, of carrying out attacks with temporary disruptive effects against critical infrastructure in the United States."
  • "An attack in the homeland may come with little or no warning."
  • "Be prepared for cyber disruptions, suspicious emails, and network delays."
  • "Implement basic cyber hygiene practices such as effecting data backups and employing multifactor authentication. For more information visit"

How has Iran attacked the United States in cyberspace?

We recently published an article focused on Iran's cyber capabilities and ways Iran has attacked the United States in recent months. See the story: 3 Things We Know About Iran and Cyberwar

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