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By SecureWorld News Team
Wed | May 17, 2017 | 5:01 AM PDT

16 new civil and criminal legal actions have been initiated.

Naked Security explains:

Bob struggles with his hearing aids when he’s on the phone, he says.

“I’m surprised you didn’t give up on me!” he says to the pleasant young man and tech support scammer at Help Desk National who had just inflicted on his computer a remote administration tool (RAT), supposedly run diagnostics tests that spotted nonexistent malware, dissed the authentic security software on his system, and sold Bob a $500 “security app” at a “50% discount”.

Give up on Bob? No way, said the friendly, flattering, super-patient scam artist. Why, his own 89-year-old father is named Robert, but everybody calls him “Bob”, he says – just like the “cool cat” he just bilked out of $500. Bob sounds just like his dad on the phone. In fact, it felt like he was talking to his dad right now, scam man said.

And that is how the tech support scam works: all smarmy friendliness, all reassurances about quality work and rock-solid warranties for the “computer repair”, all infinite patience with the tentative, gullible elderly and/or technically inexperienced.