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By SecureWorld News Team
Wed | Sep 6, 2017 | 4:17 AM PDT

Rebecca Herold is known around the InfoSec world as 'The Privacy Professor.'

And for good reason.

Not only does she have a copyright on the title, but she also lives it. And she delivers her deep knowledge relating to privacy, compliance and information security as passionately as your favorite college professor.

DET_Herold_article graphic_Aug2017Rebecca is the opening keynote at SecureWorld Detroit on September 13 on 'Preventing Medical Device Nightmares in The IoMT.'

She says IoT and IoMT device designers and engineers are still passing the cybersecurity buck.

"Too many have basically shrugged and said, 'That’s not our problem; those using them must build their own security around the use of the devices.' This attitude must change if the vendors expect to have their devices be successful and widely used,” she says.

“Many CISOs in the healthcare space tell me they are sick and tired of spending their valuable time, resources and budget in building security walls around these devices that are attached to their networking environments."

She says InfoSec leaders will walk away from her keynote with a fresh understanding on Internet of Things and the Internet of Medical Devices. And that taking time away from the office for this gathering is absolutely worth it.

"Events such as SecureWorld provide unique opportunities,” says Rebecca.

“I’ve often heard people say, and I feel it also, that attending such conferences is better than a year’s worth of therapy, because they are submerged for a few days with others who can immediately get what they are talking about and experiencing, enthusiastically share information security, privacy and compliance insights with others who share that appreciation of the topics, and provide that empathy and understanding with each other, that those outside of the field simply cannot provide or relate to."

So join your peers at Secure World Detroit on September 13 & 14.

You can see the complete agenda of SecureWorld Detroit, view attendee levels and then register here for the cybersecurity conference.

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