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By SecureWorld News Team
Mon | Nov 28, 2016 | 4:21 PM PST

What does the future of ransomware look like?

Avi Chesla, CEO of Empow Networks, believes that ransomware will evolve into a much more targeted threat. 

In an exclusive interview with SecureWorld, he explains how actors that deploy a new form of ransomware will do much more social engineering and investigation into the employees of a company. 

Insider threats will replace phishing as the main form of infiltration, and spread the malware through a more targeted campaign of attacking those who hold the most sensitive information.

Chesla says, "In order to defend against these types of attacks, you will need much more advanced capabilities inside of the organization to understand what type of unusual activity is going on."

What is our best defense against this type of ransomware that we might not see coming? Chesla says we must increase our network and behavioral user analysis to monitor threats coming from the inside. Because the malware would spread through users that have legitimate credentials, and not show up as an outside attack, your network would need to be continuously monitored for lateral movements, before the ransom hits.

To prevent this kind of attack, automation between multiple tools and collaboration between organizations is needed.

Watch Avi Chesla speak on the need for increased collaboration below: