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By Bruce Sussman
Sat | Aug 4, 2018 | 6:40 AM PDT

It's quite possible that as you are reading this article right now, someone is posting information about your organization on the Dark Web.

Perhaps a hacker is selling documents or data stolen by an insider. Or it could be information from a hack you have not yet detected.

And according to former Israeli Intelligence Major Roy Zur, this information sometimes includes vulnerabilities a hacker has discovered in your cyber defenses. 

It's scary to think about bad actors on the Dark Web knowing about this vulnerability before your InfoSec team does.

"We try to identify who are the main threat actors in the world of cyber crimes: government lead groups, criminals, and hacktivists. We identify how they operate on the Dark Web, we go deep inside into the rabbit hole and find all the information they are trying to hide, the trade secrets and financial information that is being traded by people."

Zur is so passionate about the importance of doing your own research in this hidden marketplace that he's about to teach all of us how to do it in an interactive training course, "Cyber Crimes, Threat Intelligence, and the Dark Web," in which you will learn to explore the Dark Web.

Listen to our interview with Zur on real-time threat intelligence:

"People who are participating in my workshop can actually find real information that is on the Dark Web about their organizations, and they understand and learn and acquire the skills to look for this information and find this information to prevent future attacks," he says.

This course is being offered only twice for the remainder of 2018: During his online SecureWorld PLUS course, and as part of the  SecureWorld Bay Area cybersecurity conference on August 21st.

Threat intelligence training for more than security leaders

We asked Zur who will benefit from his course. He says cybersecurity leaders, for sure, including those who want to sharpen or develop threat intelligence skills. However, he says it will also benefit a wide swath of IT, risk, and other professionals who want or need to understand the 2018 cyber threat landscape.

Threat intelligence, dark web training details

Here are the details for both of Zur's hands-on threat intelligence training opportunities:

OPTION #1 - SecureWorld PLUS online course

• August 14, 16, 21 (and then on-demand after that)
• 4.5 hours of in-depth training
• Earn 5 CPE credits
• Investment: $495
• Details and registration

OPTION #2 - SecureWorld PLUS hands-on workshop

• Wednesday, August 22, 2018
• 6 hours of in-depth training
• Earn 6 CPEs for the course and 6 CPEs for the SecureWorld conference the day prior
• Santa Clara Convention Center
• Full admission to SecureWorld Bay Area on August 21
• Includes a delicious lunch both days
• Investment: $625
• Additional details 
• Register here