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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Dec 31, 2020 | 1:19 PM PST

The New Year can be the perfect time to discover an insightful information security podcast.

Have you listened to the SecureWorld cybersecurity podcast yet?

Here's a great opportunity to start with our most downloaded episodes from the past year.

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Top 10 cybersecurity podcast episodes from the past year

1. Nation-State Cyber Threats

Featured interview: CNN military analyst and retired USAF Colonel Cedric Leighton

Details: We discuss the "Big Four" nation-state bad actors and the cyber attacks they are capable of. Also, we cover the top 10 cyber attack methods used by Iran and its hacking groups.


2. Coronavirus Cyberattack at the World Health Organization

Featured interview: CISO and cyber attorney Alexander Urbelis who uncovered this cyberattack

Details: Who would launch a cyberattack against the World Health Organization as it responds to the coronavirus pandemic? What is the potential value (the why) of such an attack? Also, how can organizations and the enterprise safeguard against cyberattacks during the pandemic?


3. The Enterprise Business Model of Cybercrime

Featured interview: Special Agent Chris McMahon of the United States Secret Service

Details: McMahon is one of the nation's key investigators of Business Email Compromise. Topics include: BEC fraud, CEO fraud, hackers, cybercriminals, and money mules. Plus, what hackers are doing in successful attacks and cybercrime warning signs.


4. Tracking COVID-19 Cyber Threats

Featured interview: Myla Pilao of the Trend Micro Threat Research Team, which tracks more than 5 billion threats daily

Details: How threat actors are using COVID-19 to attack. "Every day, we collect terabytes of threat data coming in from honey pots, from submissions from our partners, from customers, from feedback loops, from a lot of our crawling technologies. This gives us one big thing: the visibility of the nature and even the geolocation of the threat."


5. Can You Trust Huawei?

Featured interview: Andy Purdy, Huawei USA's Chief Security Officer

Details: Can Huawei be trusted? Should Huawei be allowed to build 5G networks in the U.S. and other parts of the world? Huawei USA's CSO answers questions about trust, verification, cybersecurity, and supply chain security.


6. Zoom, Remote Tools, Privacy, and Cybersecurity

Featured interview: Michael Simon, XPAN Law Group cyber attorney

Details: "This is not the death knell for privacy. I see people write up that privacy's done, it's over with. I've got friends in the government who would tell me, 'Oh, it's all over.' No, it's not. This is the opposite. We're going to have to take and build privacy and cybersecurity far more into the things that we do, because now we're all using primarily these mechanisms. You know, we're being all digital. And that has to be built in."


7. The Justice League in Cyberspace

Featured interview: Ohad Zaidenberg, leader of the COVID-19 CTI League

Details: They call themselves the COVID-19 CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) League. Some have labeled them superheroes in cyberspace, like the Justice League. The mission of this volunteer organization: defend hospitals and healthcare facilities against cyber attacks so that medical professionals can focus on caring for COVID-19 cases and saving lives.


8. COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Privacy and Cybersecurity Problems

Featured interview: "The Privacy Professor" Rebecca Herold, one of the authors of the new NIST Privacy Framework.

Details: We unpack the privacy and security challenges of coronavirus contact tracing, which relies on massive amounts of personal data to work. "I mean, you can't preserve privacy if you can't control the data," Herold says. "And to control the data, you have to have security applied to it in many different ways and layers, making sure only those who need access can get access, protecting the data from being captured as it's being transmitted through different types of pathways and other methods."


9. From Bombs to Cybersecurity!

Featured interview: Tim Callahan, Aflac Global CSO 

Details: This interview at a SecureWorld conference is like a mini-course in crucial cybersecurity practices. Tim shares insights on the following topics: threat intelligence, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, security automation, cybersecurity controls, asset management, and communicating security to the business. Plus, he shares a great example of cybersecurity and business enablement. 


10. Chinese Hackers and the Equifax Data Breach

Featured interview: Graeme Payne, former VP at Equifax, who was fired by Equifax and blamed for the company's mega-breach

We look at 10 steps Chinese nation-state hackers are accused of taking in the Equifax cyberattack. And Graeme Payne, who worked for Equifax and was fired after being blamed for human error that led to the breach, shares what he learned that can benefit security teams.


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