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By Bruce Sussman
Mon | Jul 2, 2018 | 8:30 AM PDT

SecureWorld recently revealed 10 security awareness posters that the United States government used in the 1950s and 60s. These could be used in your next awareness campaign.

Now we have 10 more security awareness posters worth sharing.

The retro security posters can help you create a unique cybersecurity awareness campaign, and will certainly lead to curious conversations in the workplace. Especially when your employees find out the National Security Administration (NSA) only released these posters in 2018 after a Freedom of Information request. 

10 (more) security awareness posters for infosec

#1: Forget about Saturday Night Fever. How about catching Security Fever, instead? Groovy!


#2: "Security too, requires thought. It's your move." Wait, you should think before you make a move and click on that link? Now there's something security awareness campaigns are all about.


 #3: How about a quote from a former U.S. Vice President to the top secret NSA? "In the last analysis, security is a very personal matter... security and all that it means is in your hands."


#4: This is a fun one that includes an unforgettable image: the eyeball of the enemy! "Be Security Wise."


#5: "Make security your thing," says every security awareness program we've ever seen.


#6: Security awareness may not fill up your nights with song, but why not let it "light up your life" like Debby Boone sang about


#7: Do you have any "thinkers" on your staff? "Security is a state of mind... think about it."


#8: "No classified conversation in car pools." It looks like they're leaving data behind for everyone to see, doesn't it?  


#9: You could change the second part of this to use an approved password keeper or something like that. "Why serve it to them on a silver platter? Memorize combinations."


#10: "Security indifference causes security violations." Apparently, some things never change. 


All of these were obtained through a Freedom of Information request by Government Attic, which was fulfilled by the NSA in 2018.