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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Dec 27, 2018 | 4:35 AM PST

SecureWorld published hundreds of stories in 2018.

Sometimes they were about happenings when we were on the road.

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Most of the time, however, the SecureWorld media team was back at HQ near Portland, Oregon, trying to create valuable resources for you and your peers.

Most-read security and privacy stories of 2018

With that in mind, here are the stories IT professionals read most often on in 2018. 

  1.  Security Awareness story to share with non-IT security folks:
    "How to Know if a Message is Really from Apple, the App Store, or iTunes"
  2. Visual proof that cybersecurity is a battle and we're under attack:
    "6 Live Cyber Attack Maps"
  3. More devices, collecting more data, but risks continue:
    "10 Big Data and Analytics Privacy Problems"
  4. Cybersecurity quotes for presentations:
    "Top 20 Cybersecurity Quotes You Need to Hear"
  5. Jail time for security failures—this one hit a nerve:
    "CISOs and CEOs in Jail? Senator Proposes Hard Time for Leaders Who Ignore Privacy and Cybersecurity"

That number five story also won an internal media team award of shame: the longest headline of 2018. Aren't headlines supposed to be short?

As you might expect, stories about Equifax and other data breaches, along with stories about privacy bombshells including Facebook, were popular with your peers in 2018. Usually, though, the urgency around those stories fades with time.

And that leaves stories that are true resources and those which are unique standing above the rest.

We're thankful to have you as a reader, and we can't wait to see you in person in 2019.