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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Jan 10, 2019 | 9:15 AM PST

If you're looking for a Security Awareness infographic that employees might actually look at, we've found one for you.

Security Awareness company Wombat (which was acquired last year by Proofpoint) came up with the most clever and comprehensive security awareness infographic we've seen.

Here it is; you can click to expand:

Our favorite section goes like this: "Did you receive an email... yes... do you know who it's from... yes... are you sure... yes... are you 100% sure?"

That sums up the moment of decision when an employee receives a well-crafted spear phishing email. If you're not 100% sure, make a phone call to that person to confirm.

Even though InfoSec has been talking about Security Awareness for years now, the fight is not over. We hear this continuously from the information security leaders we serve here at SecureWorld.

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