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By Bruce Sussman
Fri | Aug 3, 2018 | 7:59 AM PDT

There is a Twitter war going on now between white hat hackers and John McAfee, who put up a big bounty on an "unhackable" cryptocurrency hardware wallet, that looks like a smartphone.

Ethereum World News reports:

"On the 27th of July, John McAfee had challenged the crypto-community and hackers worldwide, to attempt to hack the BitFi Hardware wallet. McAfee has more or less claimed on several occasions that no one can steal any funds locked away in the hardware wallet therefore making it unhackable. The initial bounty for anyone who could hack the device was $100,000 but McAfee upped the ante to $250,000 only 4 days later...."

A hacker claims to have gotten root access to the wallet but McAfee tweeted that doesn't count. It is not enough to claim a successful hacking.


Now, a Twitter war is underway between McAfee and others.


Bitfi is the crypto wallet McAfee is talking about. And here is McAfee's Twitter feed if you want to watch the war of words unfold.

In a world where North Korea has jumped the air gap, is it possible anything, anywhere remains unhackable?

And by the way, how do you define "hacking?" According to people on Twitter, that is still up for debate.