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By Bruce Sussman
Thu | Feb 7, 2019 | 5:06 PM PST

What is the problem with Wells Fargo's mobile banking?

Why are Wells Fargo ATMs not working? 

Why did the Wells Fargo website go down?

Why are Wells Fargo credit and debit card transactions not going through?

These are the types of questions people started searching on Google beginning early in the morning on February 7, 2019.

Check out the huge upswing in Wells Fargo outage reports on the downdetector website:

wells-fargo-systems-downThe problems reported fell into these categories:

      •  Website (36%)
      •  Online banking (34%)
      •  Mobile banking (28%)

Wells Fargo gives minimal explanation

Wells Fargo issued a two-sentence statement on the outage and that is all. Here it is:

"We’re experiencing system issues due to a power shutdown at one of our facilities, initiated after smoke was detected following routine maintenance. We’re working to restore all our services as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these system issues, and we want our customers to know that any Wells Fargo fees incurred as a result of these issues will be reversed."

Meanwhile, a TV station in Montana says it heard from a Wells Fargo employee who has knowledge of the issue:

"According to the employee, the outage is a result of a fire at the server farm located in Shoreview, Minnesota. As a result of the fire the servers had to be shut down."

SecureWorld has also learned that some customers in Oregon who were unable to complete banking transactions on Thursday were told that the company hoped its systems would be up and running again by Friday morning.

As of early Friday, Wells Fargo issued an update claiming that most systems had been restored, including ATMs and call center systems. Please let us know if you found Wells Fargo services that were still not working on Friday.

Wells Fargo answers this question: is it a cyberattack?

How front and center are cyberattacks to the average consumer? Clearly they are high enough on the list that Wells Fargo had to post the following tweet, assuring the world its systems outage was not a hit by hackers:


Customers react to Wells Fargo outage on Twitter

Wells Fargo was trending on Twitter at times after the outage, and there was a combination of hilarious, angry, and thought-provoking tweets in response to Wells Fargo's tweets about an "intermittent outage." Here are some of them:






Clearly, it's not just cyberattacks that can bring a company's network to a halt.

Does Well Fargo need more redundancy? What are the details of the Wells Fargo credit and banking problems? 

These are the types of things people may be searching for next, as we wait to learn more.

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