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By Bruce Sussman
Wed | Nov 6, 2019 | 7:38 AM PST

WhatsApp has been making it into headlines for years now.

Most recently, it was the news that the company is suing NSO Group for allegedly building and selling a hacking platform that exploited a flaw in WhatsApp's servers.

Now, Reuters has dropped another potential bombshell related to this case, reporting that prominent leaders around the globe are being targeted through the vulnerability.

Here's a clip from the Reuters exclusive:

Sources familiar with WhatsApp's internal investigation into the breach said a "significant" portion of the known victims are high-profile government and military officials spread across at least 20 countries on five continents. Many of the nations are U.S. allies, they said.

The hacking of a wider group of top government officials' smartphones than previously reported suggests the WhatsApp cyber intrusion could have broad political and diplomatic consequences.