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By Bruce Sussman
Wed | Jan 30, 2019 | 7:23 AM PST

After 18 years of connecting, informing, and developing leaders in cybersecurity, we remain thankful to hear the question.

"What is SecureWorld?"

We hear that question from time to time as the information security profession grows and new security leaders look for ways to build a trusted network of peers.

However, this year, we're hearing that question more often as SecureWorld communities expand into new cities: Toronto and New York.

Take a two-minute video crash course on all the ways SecureWorld can help you along your career path in IT security, privacy, and risk—or keep reading for more details.

SecureWorld started by building cybersecurity communities

SecureWorld grew up along with the cybersecurity profession, and at the request of security leaders, we began bringing together communities of InfoSec practitioners.

This took the form of cybersecurity conferences where you can safely share best practices, have interactive discussions, learn about emerging security solutions, and network with peers.

And although a number of SecureWorld conferences are the largest cybersecurity gatherings in their respective regions each year, they are much more accessible (and valuable, we hear) than a massive national conference or trade show.

Instead of an overwhelming event where you might accidentally bump into someone you know, if you regularly attend your city's SecureWorld conference you will develop a local network of peers you can call on for advice or perhaps your next career move.

"For me it's really about the peer sharing and the knowledge sharing that happens... I felt like I needed to come because, number one, I wanted to connect again with all my peers," Milinda Rambel Stone tells us. She is VP and CISO at Provation Medical and helps lead the Twin Cities community.

And Jimmy Sanders, VP of Information Security at Netflix DVD, puts it like this:

"I'm involved with SecureWorld because I love organizations that are working with security to improve security as a whole." Sanders helps lead the Bay Area community.

SecureWorld media division resources for IT security

And along the lines of "improving security as a whole," we are excited to share three great SecureWorld resources to help you as you endeavor to secure your organization:

  • SecureWorld web conferences (live and on-demand) for knowledge and CPE credits. Each of these are insightful, relevant, and fresh, and attended by hundreds of your peers. 
  •  SecureWorld PLUS courses (live and on-demand). Some are conducted online, others happen before or during your local conference. These are deep dives with actionable information, and they include significant CPEs (6-16).  
  • SecureWorld News for original industry news, interviews, and content. We draw deeply on expertise in each local SecureWorld community and share those practices with the rest of InfoSec.

SecureWorld communities and conferences continue to grow

On the conference side of things, check out the 2019 cybersecurity event schedule, which now includes 17 cities across North America. And this seems like a good time to give a "shout out" to all our Advisory Council members who guide their local conference each year. They care so much about helping their peers. Find them in:

• Charlotte
• Boston
• Philadelphia
• Houston
• Toronto
• Kansas City
• Cincinnati
• Atlanta
• Chicago
• Bay Area (Santa Clara)
• St. Louis
• New York
• Detroit
• Twin Cities (Minneapolis)
• Seattle

As a whole, SecureWorld provides more content and facilitates more professional connections than any other regional gathering in the cybersecurity profession.

And that's a cybersecurity trend you are invited to be a part of in 2019.