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By SecureWorld News Team
Mon | May 15, 2017 | 10:50 AM PDT

Without this man, the ransomware pandemic could have been much, much worse. 

Forbes Tech explains:

It's no surprise the man behind the MalwareTech moniker is sounding tired. He's had six hours sleep in three days.

The cause of his deprivation is on the one hand heroic: he's the 22-year-old responsible for stopping the WannaCry ransomware epidemic from getting much worse than it could have been. By registering a domain set up by the hackers, he inadvertently found a killswitch that stopped most infected Microsoft Windows computers communicating with the criminals behind the outbreak.

But that led to something he didn't expect: an onslaught of media interest in who he was. His decision to remain anonymous is an innocent one. He simply doesn't want fame. It's now been thrust upon him, as media outlets including the Daily Telegraph, The Sun and The Daily Mail collectively outed his real name and his home town. Though they're out in the public domain, Forbes won't republish those details here.

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