According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cybersecurity workforce shortage will reach 1.5 million by 2019. Currently, there are more than 209,000 unfilled positions in the U.S. alone.

Part of the way to combat this alarming trend is to make sure the right people are getting into the right jobs.

SecureWorld recently hosted its Virtual Career Fair, making it easy for job hunters, or even those who are just curious about what’s out there, to network and find positions without leaving the comforts of their home (or current office).

Of the 284 cybersecurity professionals who registered for the event, 41% of them had completed some postgraduate education. 71% of total registrants had at least 6 years in the cybersecurity field, 44% at the management or executive level.

The event saw a total of six organizations—Autodesk, Catholic Health Initiatives, Expedia, Invesco, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo—with 45 total job postings.

According to the most recent (ISC)2 Women in Security study, only 17% of computer science graduates are female, while only only 10% of industry professionals are women.

However, 21% of attendees at the SecureWorld Virtual Career Fair were women, which is above the global average. Encouraging more women into the cybersecurity field with things like family leave and flexible hours can greatly shrink the growing skills shortage.

But don’t fret if you missed this event. SecureWorld will be hosting more Virtual Career Fairs in 2017 in hopes of patching holes in the cybersecurity world.

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