To be cyber-defense ready in today’s digital world, it takes personnel with the right skills utilizing the right resources. It takes a cyber center. Cyber Centers are the future of capabilities development because it is a holistic approach to bridging the gaps between higher education, industry, and government. Roy Zur, a former IDF Unit 8200 Major and now CEO of leading cyber education company Cybint, introduces how to build a successful world-class cyber center through collaboration and bolster the skills of those involved to prevent, investigate, and respond to cyber threats and cybercrimes.

Session 1: The Cyber Skills Gap and the NICE framework

•  Focus the main problem by region and topic
•  Identify the trends in gaps and specific skills
•  What is the NICE Framework? Review
•  Different cyber mindsets based on NICE: the Protector, the Investigator, the Analyst, etc.
•  Comparison of NICE Framework to other international structures (Israel, EU, and others)
•  The need for cyber education in different stages: K-12, Higher Education, Industry, emerging markets, veterans, and more 
•  The Israeli example: Unit 8200 approach

Session 2: Implementation of NICE Framework and the 3-Level Education Approach

•  The three-layer approach: Literacy, Hands-on entry level, Specializations, and the alignment with NICE
•  How to implement the NICE Framework in academia (degrees and workforce development)
•  How to implement the NICE Framework in an organization or institution
•  Practical examples of programs in all three levels

Session 3: The holistic solution - Cyber Center

•  What is a Cyber Center? (Internal + External)
•  How to build a Cyber Center in my organization
•  Simulated environments: Range, IoT labs, and more
•  Beyond education: Matching talent based on skills and offer innovative environments 
•  Next steps: Join the global effort to close the cyber skills gap

Location and cost:

These three 90-minute sessions will be conducted live using the ON24 webcast platform. You can take this course on the live dates or by viewing the on-demand recordings. Recordings will be available through February 2020.

Course price: $495 (includes all three parts and access to on-demand recordings)

Attendees will earn 5 CPE credit hours.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Bechtold at or 503-303-7871.


speaker photo
Instructor: Roy Zur
CEO, Cybint Solutions
Roy Zur is a cyber intelligence expert, an attorney, and the founder and CEO of Cybint Solutions, a cyber education company. Roy has over a decade of experience in cyber and intelligence operations from the Israeli security forces (Retired Major), and has developed cyber education programs and technological solutions for companies, educational institutions, and government agencies around the world.