Email fraud – including business email compromise (BEC) and other emails spoofing attacks – continues to impact  organizations of all sizes and in all locations. 

Cybercriminals use multiple identity deception tactics to target a company’s employees, customers, and business partners. Proofpoint regularly conducts extensive research to better understand email fraud and this report includes our findings across organizations in 2017 and 2018.  Read this report to learn:

  • The impact email fraud is having on  organizations and their employees
  • How fraudsters are socially engineering these attacks to reach the right person at the right time
  • How organizations are being used to target their customers and business partners with email fraud

Our partners at Proofpoint have provided three reports for us to share with you. Stay in the know!! 

Email Fraud Global Survey 2019:

Email Fraud Threat Report for Healthcare 2019:

Email Fraud Threat Report for Financial Services 2019: