CSO Online has some great advice for CISOs in their career search:

These are great times for cybersecurity job opportunities. If a CISO is looking for a job, the CISO is not going to have much trouble—but there is a catch. We keep hearing about how many cybersecurity jobs are going unfilled and there is a talent shortage.

What is being observed and discussed with fellow CISOs is that there is a true shortage at the individual contributor level up to second line managers. At the director to senior vice president positions, the pickings are much slimmer. Every week, cybersecurity executives hear about new CISO vacancy, but most of these CISO jobs are positions that most CISO executives wouldn’t want in the first place.

For CISOs in the job market, it’s important to learn why the last CISO left a company. Keeping in mind that an interview is a two-way process, the potential CISO should ask questions of the executive recruiter or HR representative that provide clues to why the previous CISO was unsuccessful. It can be tempting to assume the previous CISO was in over his head and you will be able to swoop in and do a better job, when in reality, no CISO would have been successful in the organization.

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